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Wealth is not about money in the bank. Wealth includes good health, an abundance of friends, wealth can be an amazing relationship. Wealth is a state of gratitude. Kundalini Yoga- This is the oldest yoga and dates back to India over 5000 years You CAN protect yourself with yoga, prevent illness, and increase your prosperity. Wine - I am a Francophile I love all things French, especially the wines Therefore, I am biased when discussing wines and for many reasons. But listen to the podcast. It’s quicker. It’s FUN learning some easy fundamentals about wine and food pairing.



Clear the Benches

Clear the benches 

This is a culture, a language, it’s team spirit!


The announcer actually said it’s something new that the coaches are allowing the players to engage with each other. BONDING

Learn to honor language and cultures  You speak in different languages depending on your interests. Therefore when you meet another person, or you’re in a new profession, or a foreign country, practice speaking in the “language” that they understand.

This concept applies to our own environments also:

Personal: communicate better


Willingness to Bond


Business- Corporate culture, language & customs:

For instance Dorsey Metrology has a very specific language that most of the employees need to understand. 

How can you speak someone else’s “language” if you haven’t researched the nuances?

Before applying for a position at Dorsey metrology you certainly want to explore their website.  What positions are open. What are their products and services? For instance these are the open positions :Dorsey is looking for candidates for the following positions.

  • Toolmaker, Production grinder, Quality Control Inspector, Toolmaker Apprentice - Entry level
  • Mechanical Assembler/ Assembly Apprentice - Entry level, Production Grinder Apprentice - Entry level
  • Optical Assembler - Entry level  
  • https://www.dorseymetrology.com/careers

Today try to speak in the language of what others are interested in and simply be curious because every single person can be a teacher for you.

Kundalini yoga


Raise the frequency!

What does  that mean??

It’s based on your:

Perception… which is also a type of language because our thoughts create our world. We are in complete control of our desired lives simply by our perceptions.  Perceptions of a situation, past memories, that are our perceived memories. Such things as; NOT forgivingothers , negative memories can LOWER our frequency.  When that happens, people tend to go down a rabbit hole of negativity.

Our minds should be a place of refuge

Learn more www.madeinmeditation.org

Master perception https://www.madeinmeditation.org/classes-for-adults?wix-vod-video-id=d08766de0fbf43df9540795209112fea&wix-vod-comp-id=comp-kl8pxeh0

West Palm Wines

West Palm Wines is starting to roll out our Fall schedule of tastings! We are very excited about this and have been booking some really cool people with their equally cool wines. Kicking off the fall tasting schedule is Master Sommelier, Brett Davis, taking us on a tour of Italy. The tasting is September 6th from 6:30 pm-8:00pm.  The cost is $25 per person inclusive of tax. Seating is limited to 25 seats so please hurry and reserve your spot today!

Kate Hardy


813.241.8587  Kate@westpalmwines.com

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