Watch Out for Fireballs!

Watch Out for Fireballs! is a game club podcast, focused on retro and non-current games. Every week, we play a game in its entirety, then discuss its merits and flaws at length. Most episodes begin with a short sketch, and we're pretty liberal about keeping tangents in. But it ultimately comes down to: Why do we like (or dislike?) this game.


368: Bugsnax

Bugsnax is a cute indie that caught a lot of attention with its catchy theme song, but did you know there's a whole game behind that song? We play this cute combination of Pokemon Snap and Ape Escape, navigating Snaktooth Island and catching bugs who happen to be snacks. The goal? To help the townspeople and learn the truth of what's really happening on this island, with these snacks who happen to be bugs.

A big thanks to Cody for executive producing this episode!

This week's highlight is Rod Symba, a musical artist who is looking to start scoring indie games. Check them out over at Instagram!

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 2022-09-02  1h57m