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Booking a tee time with top athletes from the NHL, NFL, or with headlining musicians from the country music scene isn't easy. But we can give you the next best thing! Join avid golfers Jonathan Pepe and Ryan Bashour as they interact with professionals from other sports and industries, discussing their love for the game of golf and what keeps them coming back to the links again and again. Expect light-hearted interviews, tons of golf stories, and how they're doing on their own quest of chasin' birdies. Engaging episodes come out every two weeks. Partners of the Podcast include Nemacolin Resort, Bettinardi Golf, Holderness & Bourne, and Links Brewing.


episode 16: Mark Brant - Air Force Special Warfare x TOUR Chaser

We have a special episode drop of Chasin’ Birdies today with Mark Brant. We need to pay homage to the troops and those who protect this great Country, and no better way to show that love than with a guy whose golf career came AFTER the military. 

We open up the episode and discuss with Mark his college days at Murray State and how he transitioned over to the Air Force Special Warfare division. A Pararescueman (aka PJ) is not the route everyone wants to take. For Mark, it was in his blood, and he took on the role without any questions.

The episode transitions into some battle stories, and we ask Mark about what it’s like jumping out of a plane in the middle of nowhere. We also can’t help but ask novice questions like, “Do you carry your cell phone when jumping?”

After some military talk, we turn over to the golf side of things, where we learn about where Mark is right now relative to where he wants to be with his professional golf career. We talk about his qualifiers and his love for Pinehurst, NC, where he was stationed not too far from there.

We end the episode with our standard tap-in segment where we ask Mark questions that demand his quick reply. Watch out for Mark to see if he breaks through! Thanks for your service, Mark, and good luck chasing your dream. This episode is a feel-good episode that will go well with a nice chocolate brownie. 

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 2022-09-05  1h1m