The Fighter & The Kid

The Fighter & The Kid is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian and former professional UFC fighter Brendan Schaub. Each week, Brendan is joined in the studio with a guest co host. TFATK is uncut and unedited, and sometimes it's just ridiculous.


Ep. 827: The Return of Fight Companion

The boys talk their first JRE fight companion with the OG crew in over two years, the impossible hotness of Irina Sheik, Bryan dropping his new special “Man Tears,” the new show Impeachment: American Crime Story which dramatizes the Clinton impeachment trial, the futuristic city known simply as “The Line,” Chins TRT progress, the magic of a Four Seasons Bed, and current events such as a ferris wheel collapse in India, a Chris Rock Will Smith update, disturbing allegations against Tiffany Haddish, two planes almost colliding and much more! 

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 2022-09-06  1h31m