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Dan Lenard and George Whittam bring you Voice Over Body Shop, a place to discuss home studios and answer your voice-over studio technical questions. See more about the show and submit your questions at http://vobs.tv. This is the audio-only version of the Podcast. The video cast can also be found at our website, and the live taping feed is on Facebook Live and at vobs.tv.



episode 291: Voice Over Body Shop Episode 236 with special Guest Marc Cashman

WE ARE BACK, FOR MORE VO.. BS With 10 AMAZING TIPS from our good friend, VO Coach and author, Marc Cashman!   There’s so much to know to succeed in the Freelance VO business. Marc has published a daily tip for professionals the past few years enlightening all of us of the acting skills, technical procedures and protocols that make you stand out of the crowd!   MARC is an award-winning Radio and TV commercial producer, as well as a working voice actor. As Voice President of Cashman Commercials, he's won over 150 advertising awards and is a veteran voice actor with experience in Radio, TV commercials, film dubbing, animated series, video games, and over 200 audiobooks. And he authored one of the best-selling books on voice acting, “V-Oh! Tips, Tricks, Tools and Techniques to Start and Sustain Your Voiceover Career,”   We love our fans and donors for your continued support. VOBS can’t be here without YOU and our other great supporters:   Voice Over Essentials voice over VO Heroes Source Elements Voice Actor Websites Voice Over Xtra JMC Demos & World-Voices Organization


 2022-09-06  1h0m