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episode 136: Explorations Over Expectations with Eric Teplitz


Today's guest is Eric Teplitz.  Eric is a “life enthusiast” who routinely undertakes challenging endeavors that intrigue him and impel him to grow. He has recorded and independently released an album of original songs; acted onstage in community theater productions; backpacked over 500 miles of the Appalachian Trail; completed an Ironman triathlon (after three attempts); volunteered hundreds of hours in a hospital performing music for patients; overcome an aversion to needles to become a regular blood donor; and is the author of over 100 posts on Eric’s Inspired Living Blog.

As a personal coach, he is passionate about helping others open themselves up to a more expansive sense of what is possible; overcome resistance to following their interests, passions, curiosities, and dreams; and achieve a greater sense of meaning, purpose, and life satisfaction.

Connect with Eric on his website, https://ericteplitz.com/

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 2022-09-04  25m