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episode 142: Alex & Mia visit the Forest of Music ???? ????

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It was the afternoon and Alex is playing on his drum set in the attic of the house and pizzapizza is right next to him.
It is a beautiful day. The sun is out and there are many kids from the neighborhood out on the street playing games. When Alex suddenly hears someone calling his name. Alexxx, Alexxx are you coming outside to play? 

Alex instantly recognizes the voice. It's his friend Mia who lives down the street and Alex runs towards her.

Hey Mia, what are you up to? Hey Alex, I need to show you something. I found a secret spot inside the forest of music.

The forest of music? secret spot? What are you talking about, Alex asks…. Come, ill show you, Mia says.. as she leads the way and Alex follows her.

About 5 minutes later Mia takes a left turn and they leave the neighborhood behind as the road turns into a small pathway and in the distance a forest becomes visible.

But it doesn't appear to be a regular forest. A regular forest is filled with what? Trees of course but this forest seems to be filled with magical musical instruments….

There are huge guitars, amazing keyboards, shiny trumpets and loud drums …  some are small, some are huuuge and everything together it just looks like a forest

Wow, what is this place, Alex asks… this is the forest of music… if you walk alongside this path the forest will pick up on your mood and it will start to play a song that compliments it

For example if you are feeling super happy the musical forest will start to play a happy song…. and when you are not feeling super happy the forrest of  music will start to play an even happier song to cheer you up!

And so Alex follows Mia into the forest. At first it is super silent….. Alex and Mia are walking past flutes and Violins…and if you listen closely you can hear them starting to play a song…. and the deeper they walk into the forest the more instruments join when suddenly an entire orchestra is playing……

This is amazing, Alex says to Mia… when suddenly the music stops…

We have arrived, ….arrived where? Alex asks… at the secret spot…. If you stand here, with your eye closed and count to 10… then when you open your eyes there will be an instrument right over there… and you will be able to play it… even if you have never played it before…..

Let me show you… Mia closes her eyes, Alex does the same and together they count to 10…. 8 9 10…. they open their eyes and in front of Mia lies …a magical flute….. she pick it up and starts fluiting away…. look i'm playing the flute….and as she plays some of the most amazing bird fly right over the forest….

Now, you try! Mia says to Alex…. and as Alex closes his eyes and counts to 10.. he opens his eyes and in front of Alex lies an amazing drum kit…… 

Wooow, this is the ringo starr ludwig drumkit - the most expensive drum kit everrrrrrrr…. and as Alex takes a seat it is like the forest turns into a stadium filled with people cheering him on….…. and he starts jamming away….fireworks go off to the beat of the drums…. splashes of colors everywhere…

Wow, this is amazing, Mia says to Alex…. it feels like a true concert….with all the animals of the forest as the audience…. there are rabbits, birds, deers, squirrels, owls… all the animals living inside the forest… have come to listen to Alex play drums and Mia play a magical flute…
When I grow up, Mia says…  I want to be able to play at least 10 different instruments… Me tooo Alex says… I love music!

When at that very moment…another songs starts playing… echoing through the entire forest…. I know this sound… Mia says…. it is my mom's favorite Italian song that she always sings when she is making dinner…..

Oh it must be super late already…. I think its time to go home.. do you want to come and have dinner with us?

I’d love that!

And so that evening Alex has the most amazing Italian music inspired dinner at Mia’s house and when Alex goes to sleep that evening he thinks about how from this day forward, whenever he wants to learn how to play an instrument… he will just go to the forest of music, the place where all of his musical dreams will come true…


 2022-09-06  6m