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episode 401: TVD 401: Exotic Locales

This week, we're traveling to some exotic locales. We've got Hell and adjacent dimensions in Little Demon on Hulu. We've got strange new worlds in Star Trek Lower Decks on Paramount+. We've got Middle-Earth on Rings of Power on Prime. And we've got a dank basement in The Patient on Hulu. In addition, we've got our regular rotation of Harley Quinn, What We Do In The Shadows and She-Hulk for dessert!

2:12-14:28 TV Diary
15:14-22:47 The Patient (Hulu)
22:47-29:12 Little Demon (Hulu)
29:36-35:33 Star Trek Lower Decks (Paramount+)
35:33-50:28 Rings of Power (Prime)
50:40-57:30 What We Do In The Shadows
57:30-1:06:50 She-Hulk
1:07:02- Harley Quinn


 2022-09-09  1h14m