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episode 177: Dog Training Outside The Box: Transfer Of Value Case Study #177

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When we train dogs with layered shaping, we train with out of the box thinking. In this episode, I’m giving a glimpse of what that looks like and how it relates to the transfer of value. It starts with knowing what a dog loves most of all. I’m also covering a case study on how we used the transfer of reinforcement value for a German Shepherd so that they could learn to retrieve without a force fetch.


In the episode you'll hear:


• What we need our dog to understand about reinforcement and what we need to understand.
• A review of the reinforcement process in our dog training.
• Why your dog's age, the location you are training, and what you are training matter.
• The importance of your placement and delivery of reinforcement.
• How we found something that a German Shepherd loved and used it for training.
• The process of transferring the value from bubbles to food with a target stick.
• Why we need to change a dog’s physiology for training.
• How ping-ponging reinforcements help with the transfer of value.
• That there’s not a linear path for all dogs, so we think outside the box.
• About our brand new free DoggyFlix video streaming adventure for dog people.


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 2022-09-09  19m