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episode 292: Voice Over Body Shop TECH-TALK #86

Your Home VO Studio is A Vital Part Of Your VO Business!

Getting the right advice to get your sound The Way It’s Supposed To Sound Like can be confusing and frustrating!

With this weeks VOBS TECH-TALK #86 we look at some details that perhaps you may not quite understand.


On George’s Tech Update, we first take a look at George’s Trip to London and some soundproofing strategies his hotel employed.

We get a preview of a new pre-amp that promise amazing sound in a small package!

Dan and George look at the difference between 44.100kHz vs. 48KHz. 

  • And, of course, we have another lightning round of answering your submitted questions with the usual, unbeatable honesty and frankness you’ve come to expect from “The Guys!”

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 2022-09-11  59m