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Episode 3:06: How to Clear

Coming up in this episode

  1. We try to contain ourselves.
  2. Clearly, all the history you need
  3. Our clear hindsight
  4. We plan to install the most popular distro of all time

0:00 Cold Open
1:19 VM's, Containers and Bundles, oh my!
16:09 The Origin Story
18:21 The History: 2015
20:00 2016
22:08 2017
22:59 2018
24:09 2019
25:34 2020
27:05 2021
27:41 2022
29:00 Thoughts on Clear Linux
1:09:26 Next Time: Emacs, Topics (and Alpine)
1:15:45 Stinger

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  • What's a container?
  • What's a virtual machine?
  • What's a Clear Container?
  • What are Bundles?
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Clear Linux the History
  • 2015 - February 6th Clear Linux was officially released. The only reference we found
  • 2015 - February 9 - The first downloadable images, marked 300, 310, 320, 330 and 340, show up at .
  • Arjan van de Ven penned an article
  • 2016 - April 22 - Announcement that the Container-only OS will now start shipping a desktop for developers.
  • In parallel, Robert Nesius announces
  • Enter, Flatpak.
  • The auto-updater is here
  • XFCE, while still available, is no longer the default desktop. It's Gnome 3.24.
  • The first Issue in Github about ffmpeg not being included shows up.
  • "How to Clear"
  • Wireguard is added
  • Snap was and will remain unavailable and unsupported.
  • A new installer beta is floating around
  • The public forum is live!
  • Cups enabled by default.
  • version 2.0 of the new installer is released with a full graphical interface!
  • An appeal to Linux developers.
  • Offline installations are now available
  • exFAT is available
  • The distro will focus less on Desktop
  • Clear Linux pulls out a win over EndeavourOS on the Ryzen 9 5900x.
  • Ubuntu 21.04 enjoys plenty of kernel performance improvements, but Clear wins in all but a handful of benchmarks.
  • Against Windows 11, Windows 10, Ubuntu 21.10, 21.04, and Arch Linux, Clear Linux wins in 68 out of 102 benchmarks. Windows 11 won 1.
  • The first third-party swupd repo (that we could find)!
  • Clear switches from the -O2 compiler flag for the kernel to -O3 for more SPEED
More Announcements
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Clear Linux Links
  • Clear Linux Home Page
  • Clear Linux Forum
  • Clear Linux on GitHub
  • Clear is part of, Intel's open source technology
  • How To Clear
  • Documentation
  • System Requirements
  • OS Introduction
  • Architecture Overview
  • How Clear mounts stuff

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Next Time

We will discuss GNU Emacs and the history. We also hope to have a couple of topics and some feedback.

Come back in two weeks for more Linux User Space

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