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episode 143: Alex Throws an Orange Street Party ???? ????

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It is Tuesday afternoon and Alex is watching Netflix in the living room. When suddenly pizzapizza jumps up and rushes to the front door….

What's happening buddy? Alex asks Pizzapizza.. but being a dog ofcourse he cannot respond.

Alex looks out of the window but there is nobody there and so he goes back to the sofa and continues to watch Paw Patrol when again Pizzapizza keeps pacing and scratching the front door…

Alex gets up and decides to open the front door and as he opens the door he notices that there is a huge orange box just sitting in front of the door. And when I say huge, I mean huge. Why don't you get up, wherever you are, on your toes and arms high in the sky.. make yourself as tall as you can be.. and thats how huge the orange box is….

When at that moment Alex’s dad comes walking in and yells to Alex mom…. Honey, what did you order this time from Hermes…….., I didn't, Alex’s mom replies.. I have no clue what this is, where it comes from and most importantly for who this is….

We need to find out, Alex says as he walks around the box in hopes for a clue…
We know the box is orange, we know the box is HUGE…. what could be inside?
Alex walks around and there simply are no clues…. hmmmmm, I dont know Alex says…. perhaps we should just open it… dad says….

Dad lifts up Alex to see if there perhaps is an opening but the both of them cant seem to find anything when Mom suggests to perhaps just pull the biig bright orange ribbon that is around the box….

Are you ready? Alex says.. lets pull it….. in 3 2 1 ….. and Alex, Dad and mom pull the ribbon when at that moment the big, no HUGE orange box seemingly bursts open and onto the drive way of the house 10s, no hundreds, no thousands of oranges just start rolling onto the floor!

Woooow, an ocean of oranges, this is amazing!.....Alex says…oh my goodness, Alex mom says… 10 000 oranges in my driveway… what are we going to do with it?

That will be a lot of orange juice… dad jokingly says… more like orange juice for the next 10 years …..

When at that moment neighours James and Sophie walk buy and just stare at the 10 000 oranges, look at Alex and his family… , stare at the oranges again… and just start laughing….. Want an orange? We are giving them away for freeee - Alex’s mom says…

What are you going to do with all these oranges, Neighbour Sophie asks.. no Idea, Alex says…. I have an idea… Neighbour James says… why dont we have an orange street party tomorrow. Get the entire street involved, everyone from Grandma Lisa to Jack from down the road…. we dress orange, eat oranges, bake orange cupcake, drink orange juice, play orange games…and just have one big bright super orange neighbourhood street party!

Lets doo itttt, Alex says…. , Great idea, Alex’s dad says… lets start spreading the news… and Alex and Pizzapizza run down the street knocking on every neighbours doors house inviting them to the orange street party…

That next morning Alex, wakes up, opens the curtains and he can see that the entire street is already awake… the 10 000 oranges in the driveway have gone and it now looks like every house in the street has 500 oranges in the front yard and every house has a different activity…

Alex rushes downstairs… pizzapizza right behind him and Alex joins the buzzing orange street party! Starting at Grandma Lisa’s house she is making orange pancakes…., next door at Neigbour John house he is teaching everyone how to balance an orange on your head whilst walking from one side to the other….

News of the orange street party is spreading fast as more and more people join, also peole from the wider area…. I mean… who doesnt want a free orange?

Hey Alex! Its one of Alex’s friends Sem! Should we go to the orange painting class? We have to paint a picture and we can only use one color… wanto to guess which one?... Orange of course…..

And so that day Alex and his family are just having the best day at the orange street party! People are wearing orange, there are orange games, orange food and most importantly.. the 10 000 oranges are slowly becoming less and less and less….. when finally there are just 1000 oranges left….. 

What can we do with them? Oh I know, Alex says…. lets bag them up, fill up the truck and we can donate them to the nearest shelter and make sure that anyone who needs some extra vitamins is able to get some….

And so Alex and his dad pack up 1000 oranges, drive around the various shelters around town and make a donation of as many oranges as they could possibly want!

This is the best ending to an amazing day! Alex say’s to his Dad….Hope knows, maybe tomorrow there will be a bright RED box in front of our door.. filled with 10 000 strawberries…. .Oh noooo, Dad jokinly says.. I think we are good for now…. haha I agree alex says… as Alex and dad drive home and think about what a fun day they have had!


 2022-09-13  8m