Law vs Life

Law vs Life is a DOME podcast where we talk about topics that are at the intersection of law and life. This is neither a technical nor a political programme. Hell, most of the time, it is barely a legal one. It is for anyone and everyone interested in the gaps between the court and the practice of law and the court of public opinion. So join us and weigh in while we argue the case Law vs Life. New episode every Wednesday!!


episode 4: Do We Have a Case (part 1)?

Today's episode is a really fun one (at least to us)! It is a mock. You become a lawyer specialised in international law who represents a client who wants to challenge the FINA policy in place since June 2022. Your client is a transgender swimmer. If you like this episode we can absolutely do the same but this time you would be a counsel for the institutions sued. We hope you will enjoy this episode, next week, we will be back to the usual structure of our episodes!!

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 September 14, 2022  25m