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Booking a tee time with top athletes from the NHL, NFL, or with headlining musicians from the country music scene isn't easy. But we can give you the next best thing! Join avid golfers Jonathan Pepe and Ryan Bashour as they interact with professionals from other sports and industries, discussing their love for the game of golf and what keeps them coming back to the links again and again. Expect light-hearted interviews, tons of golf stories, and how they're doing on their own quest of chasin' birdies. Engaging episodes come out every two weeks. Partners of the Podcast include Nemacolin Resort, Bettinardi Golf, Holderness & Bourne, and Links Brewing.


episode 17: Steele Creation - Roger Steele Open Talk

As we open up the episode, we admit that Roger was hard to nail down..and we weren’t kidding! We are stoked to have Roger on today’s episode of Chasin’ Birdies to talk all things life and golf with Roger.

We start off by diving into Roger’s beginning into the game of golf. His Father was a big influence on his love for the game. Growing up outside of Chicago led to many opportunities surrounding golf.

Although Roger has an Engineering degree, he discusses his rediscovered love for golf. Playing in corporate golf events sparked his love again for the game. COVID hits, and during this time while in LA, he started the creation of his brand. This included Hipe Media and other golf-related endeavors. We discuss these changes in his life and how he’s on a growing path that was created by himself.

We transition the episode over to what’s ahead for Roger and how he intends to keep building his brand. With sponsors by Callaway, Nike, and other endorsers, he’s got ample amounts of opportunity in front of him. As a side note, he’s passionately involved in youth development towards golf.

We round out the episode with our standard Tap-In segment, where we ask Roger some questions that demand his quick-witted response. If you don’t follow Roger on IG, you’re missing out! Be sure to give this episode a listen and feel free to share the love!

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 2022-09-15  55m