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Radio War Nerd EP 346 — Turkish Invasion of Cyprus, Part 3: 1974 Invasion + Azerbaijan/Armenia Flareup

Recorded: September 15, 2022 We wrap up our RWN series on Turkey's 1974 invasion of Cyprus (EP #337, #339). This episode, Kissinger takes control of the Empire during the chaos of Watergate, making the world an even shittier place than ever — greenlighting the Greek junta's coup against Makarios, and Turkey's subsequent invasion, partition & occupation of Cyprus, a sovereign European nation — breaking a postwar taboo and setting a precedent for Europe's wars since... First, we discuss the latest Azerbaijan-Armenia flareup...(link to Pashinyan's April 2021 speech here) At 30:39, we discuss Turkey's 1974 invasion of Cyprus... Total time: 1:23:16 Direct link to this episode's mp3 here 


 2022-09-18  1h23m