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episode 4: The Barre Star (Siri NORDHEJM, Z&B Fitness and MYbarre Fitness)

I would wager that all of us have stepped foot into a gym or a fitness studio, even if it was to immediately step out again. But that's the point of today's episode with Siri Nordhejm, Co-Founder of Z&B Fitness and MYbarre Fitness. What is it about fitness establishments that gets you passed that line, and what gets you coming back? And is it the same in China as in other places?


As with all episodes of Mosaic of China, we discuss not only what the guest does, but who the guest is. So tune in to today's show to find out how someone finds themselves becoming a fitness entrepreneur in their early twenties, and finds the energy to stick with it for over a decade.


The episode also includes catch-up interviews with: Jo McFarland from Season 02 Episode 18 and Jorge Luzio from Season 01 Episode 05



00:00 - Trailer & Intro

01:53 - Part 1

25:33 - Part 2

35:18 - Outro

39:40 - Catch-Up Interview [1]

45:43 - Catch-Up Interview [2]


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 2022-09-20  50m