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episode 144: Alex’s Summery Christmas Surprise ???? ????

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Summer is slowly coming to an end and it is one of these days where the sun is out, the sun is shining, it is looking to be a very very warm day… and what does that mean you say?

Ice cream? Noooo, well maybe haha, but for Alex and PizzaPizza it means that they are going to be spending the day at the beach! Now that the water is still fairly nice it is the perfect cool down!

Alex hops in the car, he is super excited. The beach is roughly a 30 minute ride away and so that means that that's enough to listen to 3 Dream Away Stories podcast episodes… because that's Alex’s favorite podcast… I wonder why …

After the drive, Alex and his family arrive at the beach. It looks like they are not the only family that had the idea to go to the beach because there are many many cars in the parking lot…

Alex jumps out of the car, pizzapizza right besides him and off the family goes to the beach. You can hear the waves in the distance crashing…. oh its going to be an amazing day today, Alex says!

The family finds the perspect spot on the beach and they get settled. Mom and Dad flip open the beach chairs and get settled in under the umbrella. Alex rushes to the water to get his feet wet… and as the first waves touches his feet he jumps up…: Oh this is soo cooolddddddd, way to coold…. and pizzapizza right behind him enjoying the cold water as well

When all of a sudden there is a slight breeze, a soft wind that's getting stronger and stronger and also colder and colder…. and before you know it…. the super summery warm hot perfect summer beach day is turning quickly into … into a wintery christmas feel?

The temperature is dropping quickly,  the wind is getting colder, the water slowly starts… freezing? Thick clouds are rolling in and … no way! It’s starting to snow? 

Im so confused, Alex says to pizzapizza.. .2 minutes ago it was summer and now it feels like winter… when at that moment…. music starts to play….. do you recognize that song?

Christmas music?

When at that moment it starts to snow, christmas music is playing and Alex realizes that every person on the beach has somehow magically changed into winter clothes and all those summery beach umbrellas have disappeared and christmas trees have been put into place… meaning the entire beach is now filled with over 2000 amazing christmas trees, christmas music is playing….

Alex’s mom comes rushing over to Alex and says.. quick change…. as she hands alex his winter clothes, snow boots and winter jacket…

How did you know? Alex asks his mom…. oh moms just do…. his mom replies…
By now the ocean is fully frozen, people are ice skating on the ice, christmas music is playing, the beach is fully covered in snow, over there there are people having a snowball fight….the air smells like hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies…  wow this is just magical Alex thinks to himself..
But its september…. its still summer?

Oahhhh, nooo! Alex just got his by a snowball… who dared to throw this at me? Alex looks around and he sees his dad just laughing… catch me if you can - Alex’s dad says.. and alex grabs some now, makes a snowball and starts chasing after his dad.. as the 2 of them run across the snow covered, christmas tree filled beach, they are having the best snowball fight ever!!

Alexxxxxx, its his mom calling, I got us some super hot coco .. with marshmellows? Alex asks.. of course with marshmallows…. and so Alex sits down with his parents just in the snow, on the beach, drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows

I cannot believe we are having this summery christmas surprise… Alex says…. this has got to be the best beach day ever!!!!!


 2022-09-20  6m