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Delivering Products at Velocity | ChefConf 2016

Learn from Justin Arbuckle, Chef VP of Transformation, how to transform enterprise IT for speed, scale, and consistency. Justin discusses the culture and technologies essential for getting great products in the hands of customers—faster. He relays how, by measuring the velocity of product development from ideation to production, we can pinpoint and address the cultural roadblocks that are stalling progress. He also promotes an intriguing new approach to project estimation: target what can be developed in two weeks versus focusing on how long an entire project will take. Justin next elaborates on how Chef products—along with open source community contributions—can speed and support the DevOps process, providing automation and workflow tools to manage application code, infrastructure code, and compliance in any environment.

Find a topic:

  • [00:49] Disrupting the norm
  • [04:43] Assessing velocity to drive change
  • [08:32] Make no estimates
  • [11:12] Chef Server
  • [16:15] Chef Habitat
  • [21:51] Chef Automate
  • [25:22] Chef resources

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 2016-08-22  27m