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episode 1: Update on September bonus episode

Update on the September bonus episode of the Felon File Podcast. The Heath High School shooter's parole hearing on if he will be allowed to return to society and the public.  It will be Monday, September 26, before we know if Michael Carneal will be paroled or remain behind bars. The hearing decision was deferred until Sept. 26.   After serving 25 years of his life sentence, Carneal is now eligible for parole. Despite questioning Carneal for more than an hour,   the two parole board members in charge of his hearing could not reach a unanimous decision.

What comes next for Carneal has the attention of not just McCracken County but the nation. He's one of the first convicted school shooters to be eligible for parole.

If you would like to give your opinion on his release to the public, you can email the board at  

or call 502-564-3620 Listen to the bonus podcast for more information.

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 2022-09-22  1m