Marathon Talk

Marathon Talk has returned in 2022 as part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors family. Hosted by Martin Yelling and the great Deena Kastor, every two weeks we'll bring you news, views and some amazing guest interviews from across the world of marathons and running.


E0: The Warm Up - Marathon Talk’s Return, the BMW Berlin Marathon, and becoming a Six Star Finisher

Marathon Talks is BACK, but not as you know it…

Martin Yelling returns to the mic with brand-new co-host Deena Kastor for Marathon Talk 2.0, powered by the Abbott World Marathon Majors. 

Martin & Deena - a marathon legend, Olympic medallist and former US record holder - kick off with The Warm Up, a pre-release episode where we look ahead to Deena’s preparation for Berlin, break down the ones to watch across the field, and share our exciting plans for the future of Marathon Talk. 

In this episode of Marathon Talk:

  • The podcast’s exciting return, and the many stories yet to tell
  • Deena’s running history & anticipation to become co-host
  • Ones to watch at the upcoming BMW Berlin Marathon
  • Inspiring stories from the Age Group World Championships

Marathon Talk is proudly powered by Abbott World Marathon Majors, who create, build and support opportunities for all to discover the power of the marathon community. Learn more at


 2022-09-23  36m