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Dan Lenard and George Whittam bring you Voice Over Body Shop, a place to discuss home studios and answer your voice-over studio technical questions. See more about the show and submit your questions at http://vobs.tv. This is the audio-only version of the Podcast. The video cast can also be found at our website, and the live taping feed is on Facebook Live and at vobs.tv.



episode 294: Voice Over Body Shop TEC-TALK #87 from VO North!

If you enjoyed last weeks Voice Over Body Shop from VO North,

We kept the energy going with some live audience TECH-TALK #87!


We answer a pile of VO Tech questions from VO North at the Pantages Hotel in Toronto, Ontario Canada! Plus, we talk with Trevor from Bear Cave Studios about his new, Canadian made vocal booths! 


Doing a show on location is always a challenge, but “The Guys” always seem to find a way to pull it off! 


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 2022-09-25  55m