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episode 279: Pulgasari (1985) & Galgameth (1996)

We are joined by guest hosts Kevin Derendorf (Maser Patrol) and Justin Mullis to take a deep dive into the infamous North Korean film Pulgasari and its obscure American remake, Galgameth.  Pulgasari has one of the strangest production backgrounds of any monster film, with its director Shin Sang-ok being kidnapped and forced to make movies in North Korea by Kim Jong Il.  But before we get into that wild story, we also have some background on the original Korean myth of Bulgasari and the history of North Korean film.  We cap it all off with a review of the American remake Galgameth, which was written by Shin Sang-ok after his escape from North Korea.  Along the way we also discuss the other various versions of the Bulgasari myth that have been on both the big and small screen!  Relax and enjoy the conversation!

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 September 25, 2022  3h5m