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episode 168: Jessica Szohr Loves To Be A Gossip Girl On The Orville XOXO

After being discovered at 6 years old Jessica followed her dream and thanks to her very supportive mother never gave up on that dream leading to the breakout role of Vanessa on Gossip Girl. Jessica Szohr currently stars on The Orville. 

My guest, Jessica Szohr and I discuss:

  • Being discovered at age 6 and modeling for Kohls, Sears, and JC Penny
  • Acting techniques to look like you're really drinking alcohol 
  • Starring in Piranha 3D
  • Landing the role of Vanessa on Gossip Girl
  • Auditioning for Star Wars Prequels
  • Rediscovering and rewatching Gossip Girl via her Gossip Girl rewatch podcast XOXO
  • Auditioning and landing the role of Lt. Cmdr. Talla Keyali on The Orville
  • Reuniting with a Gossip Girl co-star on The Orville
  • The deep themes on The Orville

You're going to love my conversation with Jessica Szohr 

Our Guest, Jessica Szohr

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 2022-09-26  52m