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Firefox supports blockers, NATS is great, Uber's MFA fatigue, OAuth2 drawn in cute shapes & an aging programmer (The Changelog)

Mozilla says Firefox will continue to support current content blockers, Nabeel Suleiman thinks NATS is great and recommends you check it out, InfoQ breaks down Uber’s recent security breach, Klemen Sever explained OAuth2 by drawing cute shapes & Jorge Manrubia reflects back as an aging programmer.

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  • Jerod Santo – Twitter, GitHub

Notes and Links

  • Firefox will continue to support current content blockers
  • Nats: You Need it Now!
    • Dwayne Bradley’s comment
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Fatigue Key Factor in Uber Breach
  • OAuth2 explained with cute shapes
    • ???? [Aaron Parecki on The Changelog #456])(
    • A nice Twitter review
  • Aging programmer

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 2022-09-26  5m