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episode 145: Alex visits Grandpa at the hospital ???? ????

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Today is a bit of a special day. 
You see yesterday Alex’s grandpa wasn't feeling that well and he had to stay the night at the local hospital. This way, all the amazing doctors and nurses could take extra care of grandpa and make sure that grandpa is 1000% fine.
Earlier this morning the hospital called the house and they informed Alex’s mom that grandpa has to stay 1 more day at the hospital and they asked if there was anyone that could come by and just hangout with grandpa….

Would you know anyone that would want to hangout with Grandpa? Alex ofcourse!
Alex is getting ready to visit grandpa in the hospital. He is currently packing a big backpack and inside he is placing all sorts of surprises for grandpa: Oh this is going to be the best day at the hospital ever!

Not long after, Alex’s mom is ready to drive Alex to the hospital and about 20 minutes later they arrive and Alex gets dropped off at the front entrance where he walks to the reception and asks the super nice lady where is grandpa would be:

Go up to the 6th floor, take a left, take 2 rights, then walk straight ahead, another left and then look for room 1112J……
Oh that sounds confusing… Alex says….  - Let me find you someone to take you there.. the lady says with a smile on her face…

Soon enough a nurse called Popcorn takes Alex to the 6th floor and to room 1112J. Grandpaaaaaaa, Alex shouts…. oh Alex, it is sooo good to see you! And Alex gives grandpa the biggest hug EVER. 

Take a seat Nurse popcorn says, Doctor Cheesecake will be right there….. Cheesecake? Alex thinks to himself…. and sure enough 2 minutes later Dr Cheesecake arrives.. you must be Alex…, I am just here to tell you that we ran some tests and I am happy to say that Grandpa is 100% fine, we just want to keep him here for 1 night to make sure he is a 1000% fine… if all goes well he can go home tomorrow…..

And as Dr Cheesecake leaves… Alex gives his grandpa one more hug! When immediately another nurse come to the room. He introduces himself as Nurse Spaghetti and he is here to serve lunch….. 

Oh whats for Lunch, grandpa says: We have carrot soup, 1 piece of toast and plain yoghurt for lunch today….. ugg so boring grandpa says……the food in the hospital is very very boring….. Dont you worry, Alex whispers to Grandpa, I have a solution!
And as Nurse Spaghetti leaves Alex moves the boring lunch aside and places his backpack on the bed! I came prepared! Alex says as as he opens his backpack he pulls out: A pepperoni and cheesy pizzaaaaaaaa…….  Yummyyyyyy, Grandpa says… and so for lunch Alex and his grandpa are having pizza for lunch….Alex and Grandpa are having the best secret pizza hospital lunch ever! So please dont tell nurse Spaghetti or doctor cheesecake!

After lunch Grandpa says to Alex: We should play a game! Oh what kind of game Alex asks…

Why dont we have some fun with the nurses, grandpa says…

You see this bed I am laying on.. it has wheels… I am not connected to anything and this hospital room is HUGE… so why dont we play a little game where we press this big green button. (Then the nurses come) and every time the bed is at a different place in the room?

Lets see if they notice…

Amazing idea! Alex says… and he gets up and he pushes grand and the bed on wheels to the left corner of the room. Grandpa presses the green call button and now we wait…. it takes around 2 minutes and Nurse Spaghetti shows up….. He looks a tiny bit confused but doenst say anything. Grandpa asks for some water and after the nurse gives it to him he leaves and Alex pushes the bed from the left side to the right side of the room… grandpa pushes the call button agian and this time Doctor Cheesecake come walking in and the second he walks in he takes a step back… something is off, Dr cheesecake says out loud as grandpa makes up another excuse as to why he pressed the call button.

Dr Cheesecake leaves and this time, Alex pushes the bed on wheels with grandpa on it and places it right smack in the middle of the room… so you can completely walk around the bed….

Alex, you press…. Alex presses the button and Nurse Spaghetti walks into the room. Stands still, looks into the room. Looks at grandpa, looks at Alex… looks at the bed smack in the middle of the room…..

What is going on here! Why is grandpa and the bed in the room? When at that moment grandpa and Alex just burst into laughter! Of Course Nurse spaghetti also has to laugh

No games please, he laughingly says this is a hospital this is a very very serious place!

That afternoon Alex and Grandpa watch a movie together, they listen to a few episodes of Dream Away Stories podcast (Grandpa’s favorite story podcast ofcourse) when it slowly becomes dark outside and Alex’s mom is waiting outside to pick Alex back up and take him home!

This was a super fun afternoon! Thanks for coming by Alex, - grandpa says! Ofcourse! Anytime! I love you grandpa! I love you to Alex…  And so Alex gives grandpa the biggest hug ever, says goodbye and that following morning Grandpa was able to go home, 10000% super healthy and ready for the next adventure!


 2022-09-27  8m