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Adventuring since 2013, Total Party Kill is an actual-play podcast in which a bunch of friends play D&D on the Internet for your amusement.


episode 364: We're Kobolds, Not Geniuses

This time, the tables are turned! In this four-episode adventure, our players are Kobolds who are fighting back against a group of adventurers who are invading their home. But as any Kobold knows, the best way to prevent home invasions is by buying and setting a large number of traps.

We’re playing “Revenge of the Kobolds” by friend of the podcast David Flor, who also wrote “A Night in Seyvoth Manor!” (Does this mean it’s Koboldtember?)

Revenge of the Kobolds, part 1 of 4

Tony Sindelar with Steve Lutz, Annette Wierstra, Kathy Campbell, James Thomson and Aleen Simms

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Edited by David Fuchs.

Revenge of the Kobolds (DriveThruRPG)

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 2022-09-27  49m