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Brian Debes

Brian Debes

The interview with Brian was a great experience for me. Brian gave us a lot to think about in our own life. It was something about Brian that gave me a sense that we can make anything happen in our lives if we just do it. Coming from a past of being a small person and having people tell you not to try because you might get hurt to a place where people look up to you and seek your expertise; makes Brian is a well-rounded person with a lot of passion for what he does.

I hope you enjoy this great conversation!


A little about Brian

Brian Debes is a martial arts professional and anti-bullying advocate. He is the founder and owner of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Beaumont, a martial arts school developed by renowned instructor Eddie Bravo,where he coaches children and adults to overcome obstacles like shyness, anxiety, and bullying. Through the philosophies and practices found in Jiu-Jitsu, Debes instills confidence and self-esteem, preparing students with the know-how and strategies to defend themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically.

After enduring relentless childhood bullying for his small stature and physical disability, which limits his motor skills, Brian pushed through the restrictive beliefs of others, including his family, who adamantly discouraged physical activity for fear of injury or failure, and pursued his childhood dream --Jiu-Jitsu. Never sharing his disability with peers to avoid labels and preferable treatment, Brian trained hard and flourished, mentally and physically. His success fueled him to build his own business, and today he uses his experience to show others that anything is possible, despite the opinions and confinements of others.


Through martial arts and his teaching of healthy habits, Brian has helped improve the lives of thousands of students. As a competitor, in 2013, Brian was listed as 10th Planet’s competitor of the year and was rated #1 adult grappler in North America by Ranked/NAGA. In addition, he has worked with several A-list celebrities and UFC fighters. 

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 2022-09-28  50m