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Damian Abraham has been many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ and food network host, one of the minds behind TV's "The Wrestlers", parent of 3... and undeniably, a punk music obsessive. Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from various walks of life to find out how their world was influenced and changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK!



Eric Bachmann and Matt Gentling from Archers Of Loaf

It's TOAP Vs. the Greatest of All Time because Eric Bachmann and Matt Gentling, from the legendary Archers Of Loaf, are there! Listen in as Damian sits down with the two to discuss: punk in Asheville, why majors never made sense, the tape scene, DMT and Florida punk, two versions of a fatherly discussion about the Circle Jerks and so much more! Don't miss this one!!!

Also, don't miss Archers Of Loaf's first album in 24 years: "Reason In Decline". Out everywhere Oct 21 on Merge Records.

Also, Check out their fantastic new single: "Aimee".

Also, don't miss them on tour in 2024, more here.

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 2022-09-30  1h6m