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Since 2010, siblings and journalists Abby Martin and Robbie Martin have been doing Media Roots Radio, a political podcast with a critical eye on US foreign policy, political partisanship and what people can do to fight back. Conversational, controversial, passionate and explicit, Media Roots stands apart from the majority of podcasts coming from a similar point of view. Listen to all previous episodes on soundcloud, itunes, spotify and stitcher. All $5 and up patrons get an exclusive bonus episode every month!


Lizzie's in a Box, MAGAs Love the Queen & the Mar-a-Lago Raid

Abby & Robbie go over a brief history of British Imperialism and comment on the strange balancing act of 'right populists' like Tucker Carlson emulating the rhetoric of neocon psychopath Robert Kagan by saying the British empire was the 'most humane' empire in human history. In the last third of the podcast they comment on the Mar-a-lago raid, Ukraine and the weaponized deep state tool Robbie likes to refer to as Ron DeCIAntis.


 2022-09-30  1h37m