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episode 404: TVD 404: More Than You Can Chew

This week, we're talking about more than you can chew. Netflix has two offerings, with Ryan Murphy taking another bite at his gluttonous Netflix deal with the famous cannibal in Dahmer and scientists exploring the human (or maybe not human) genome and creating a were-chupacabra in The Imperfects. Then there's the three episode premiere of Andor, which has some of us wondering if maybe Star Wars bit off a bit more than it could chew, or if maybe it just bites? Then we'll stretch our food metaphor just a tiny bit futher with our double dessert of She-Hulk and Star Trek Lower Decks.

1:40-39:59 TV Diaries
43:07-57:13 Dahmer (Netflix)
57:13-1:01:55 The Imperfects (Netflix)
1:01:55-1:13:07 Andor (Disney+)
1:13:07-1:18:10 She-Hulk (Disney+)
1:18:10- Star Trek Lower Decks (Paramount+)


 2022-09-30  1h21m