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episode 280: Evil Dead Trap (1988) and Evil Dead Trap 2: Hideki (1992)

October means its another spooky season here at KT with another month full of horror movie podcasts to give you the chills.  This time Byrd and Matt are joined by guest hosts Trev (Failure To Franchise and Days of Future Podcast) and Tom (Final Forum Dragonball Podcast) to talk about two gruesome Japanese shockers, Evil Dead Traps 1 and 2.  Evil Dead Trap is a gory slasher about reporters investigating a snuff film who get picked off one by one by a maniacal killer.  The movie (directed by exploitation director Toshiharu Ikeda) features a truly wild plot twist, as well as great practical effects by a very young Shinichi Wakasa (monster maker for many of the Godzilla films).  Evil Dead Trap 2 was directed by Izo Hashimoto (co-writer of Akira) and co written by Chiaki Konaka (Ultraman Gaia, Marebito, The Big O) and follows a female projectionist who realizes she may be a serial killer who is hunting down young women.  So how did these cult classics hold up for us?  Listen and find out!

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 October 5, 2022  1h39m