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episode 304: Lobotomy & Other Fun Time Activities | 304

Gather round ladies and gentlemen, do we have a deal for you. Your kid having trouble sleeping? Wife nagging you? Secretary too melancholy? Try to the Lobotomy procedure and fix them right up! Sounds crazy but a vehicle called the Lobotomy-Mobile used to travel the country to shove an icepick in people eye sockets to scrape out some brain and it was touted as a miracle cure. And this is just one of several horrifying old-timey treatments that were inflicted on people. This week we explore some of the more jaw-dropping examples throughout history. And, we see if they are still practiced today (spoiler: many, many are). So dust off your ear nails and find all your leashes, it’s  Lobotomy & Other Fun Time Activities this week on Hysteria 51.

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