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Summer 2014 Schedule: MILK YOUR BENEFITS, KOST, "My Vegan Summer" Series

Kristin Cruz is poolside with a microphone in one hand, cocktail in the other. It's SUMMER on the iHeart Moms Network! TODAY Grab a pen and write down our Summer 2014 Show Schedule. Announcing when to listen for what YOU want to hear. Going Vegan? New Mom? Want Free Swag? Need A Laugh & A Drink? There's a show for you, right here. "Shout Outs" to the most active community members and KOST listeners who have been online saying nice things. (Hey, I name names on this thing!) @Amazon @WholeFoods @AllAccess @Nordstrom @Garin @Epic_Women @NiaVardalos & more.. You've found the only freestyle "Lifestyle Show" in SoCal with a dedicated "Mommy Show" on Mondays & new content weekly.


 2014-06-24  17m