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episode 229: 229 - Towelite Runner 1984

The cop kept asking Chris about the turtle on its back and it was getting a little annoying. So he got up and left the interrogation room to record this podcast. Sorry Towelites, no Casey this time around but he will be back for the next episode. NOW.... the Geekly news.


RIP Louise Fletcher, Coolio



  • Hugh Jackman Deadpool 3
  • F4 writers & Michael Waldron to pen Secret Wars
  • MCU Namor is a mutant 
  • Armor Wars movie now
  • Blade director departs, Ali frustrated "Weak script"
  • Harrison Ford Thunderbolts?
  • Elden Henson rumored to return in DD: Reborn
  • Iron Man vg in early development


  • Richard Harmon joins The Flash TV as new Capt Boomerang

Star Wars

  • Andor thoughts 
  • Tabletop Clone Wars

Star Trek

  • Paramount removes Kelvin Sequel from slate
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - The Illyrian Enigma comic
  • Star Trek new series will be direct sequel to DS9



  • The Witcher The Ballad of Two Wolves 
  • Blade Runner 2039


  • Netflix - Sonic Prime, Midnight Club, The Witcher:Blood Origin Xmas/The Witcher S3 summer 2023 & No Grendel 
  • HBO - Scanners & The Last of Us


  • Hellraiser
  • Super Mario Bros teaser
  • Paramount + Peak Screaming Halloween Hub
  • Cloverfield sequel from Babak Anvari
  • Now You See Me 3 Ruben Fleischer
  • Kingdom of the POTA
  • Nosferatu


  • Tiny Tina franchise

Pursuit of Plastic

  • Hasbro Pulse Con - Indiana Jones Adventure Series, DD 3 pack & Iron Man retro 
  • Starting Lineup 
  • McFarlane Toys - New Superpowers
  • Final Fantasy Crisis Core Play Arts Kai Zack Fair
  • Super 7 - Classic Monsters
  • UCS Razor Crest 
  • Cobb Vanth HT
  • All the MOTU



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 2022-10-08  28m