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479: Good Software, Bad Blood

What the heck is going on? Fedora is dropping features, GNOME is getting Iced, and the mistake we'll never make again. We've got a lot to sort out.

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  • Tasks - Nextcloud Apps — Tasks can be shared between users. Tasks can be synchronized using CalDAV (each task list is linked to an Nextcloud calendar, to sync it to your local client: Thunderbird, Evolution, KDE Kontact, iCal … - just add the calendar as a remote calendar in your client). You can download your tasks as ICS files using the download button for each calendar.
  • Home Assistant Yellow — Home Assistant Yellow integrates 1,000+ different devices and services, allowing you to create powerful automations and get insight into your energy usage. All from an easy-to-use interface that runs 100% locally without anything in the cloud.
  • Oh No!????Fedora is Dropping Support for Popular Video Codecs — Primarily, it will affect AMD GPU users using open-source drivers, preventing them using GPU acceleration to play video content that requires using these codecs. Additionally, it also affects any user who uses open-source graphics drivers, even if they run iGPUs on Intel chips.
  • recent commit to Mesa on Fedora
  • Tom Callaway on Twitter
  • System76’s Pop!_OS COSMIC Desktop To Make Use Of Iced Rust Toolkit — The UX team has been carefully designing widgets and applications over the last year. We are now at the point where it is critical for the engineering team to decide upon a GUI toolkit for COSMIC. After much deliberation and experimentation over the last year, the engineering team has decided to use Iced instead of GTK.
  • Reddit Comment That Kicked All this Off
  • Iced toolkit — A cross-platform GUI library for Rust focused on simplicity and type-safety. Inspired by Elm.
  • Comment thread on Reddit that kicked it all off
  • Jeremy Soller on Twitter
  • Jeremy Soller on Twitter
  • Jeremy Soller on Twitter
  • Checklist of things going into Iced for Cosmic
  • Acastus — Acastus Photon is a completely private, free and open source Address / POI lookup application for android.
  • — Search as you type with OpenStreetMap
  • Auto Move Windows - GNOME Shell Extensions
  • Podcasting 2.0 Apps


 2022-10-10  1h21m