The Kaiju Transmissions Podcast

Join hosts Byrd and Matt as they discuss all things giant monsters, tokusatsu, and Japanese fantasy films. We'll also cover comics, cartoons, toys, books, and more! Come here for a regular dose of everything from Godzilla and Gamera to King Kong and Ray Harryhausen to Ultraman, and everything in between!


episode 281: BONUS: All Monsters Attack 2022 Convention Recap (feat. The Children of KT)

For this bonus episode we bring in Byrd's daughter Julia and Matt's son Landon to give a recap of the first ever All Monsters Attack convention, held this past from Sept 9-11th in Indianapolis, Indiana.  AMA is a new tokusatsu themed convention organized by Days of the Dead and had a stacked lineup of guests from both Japan and the United States.  So how was the new con on the block?  What were the highlights of the show?  What did the kids think?  Listen and find out!

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 October 11, 2022  48m