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"Eliminate your problems by combating them with your PURPOSE!" EVERY show will be a show centered to evoke ALL THINGS to work out for your transformation, for your purpose and for your GOOD! #LetsDoTHIS


How My Mom's Death Saved My Life!

It would appear that EVERYBODY and their dog has become a Life Coach. So I was shocked, bewildered and befuddled when I heard life call me out into this profession. I thought the purpose for my life was to have a great job, a good relationship and try to make a million dollars before I died. It wasn't until my mom transitioned physically that I was left with a heavy spiritual assignment and when I called out to GOD and asked, "What do I do with all of THIS (THIS=life experiences, pain, insights, lessons learned, mourning, etc.) What I heard and felt on the right side of my body was "Life Coach." On my inaugural show instead of trying to tell you how to live your best purposed driven life. I am going to open up my heart and read from it the journal entries and the very blueprint that rescued me from a life of redundancy to a life of abundance. I didn't accept who I was until January 6th, 2012, the day my mom flew into her new home but she always said "You have always been who you are." I digested that message spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Once I tell my story it is my hope that you too will accept that you have always been who you are; enough, gifted, purposed, made in the image of greatness...a majestic soul, dancing in your human body. Join me on this journey. Love ya' much!


 2015-08-26  32m