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episode 98: To edit or not to edit that is the question? Castopod v1.0 launches, Squadcast awarded US Patent, Is podcasting coming to TikTok? YouTube advertising for podcasters?


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Special Guests:

  • Neal Vigelio - Podknows
  • Benjamin Bellamy - Ad Aures
  • Yassine Doghri - Ad Aures

Show Notes & Links

  • After 3+ years, it's OFFICIAL … SquadCast.FM has been awarded a US patent for our Recording Engine with Progressive Uploads 

  • Social media app TikTok is preparing to launch a podcast app. 

  • TikTok’s parent company also owns Resso, a music streaming service in Brazil, India and Indonesia, which already carries podcasts from hosts like Libsyn.

  • YouTube is rolling out enhanced advertising to podcast listeners

  • SXM Media has discovered where and when people listen to podcasts with others. 

  • How many podcasts are you really competing with? Sounds Profitable’s Tom Webster suggests you aren’t competing with four million podcasts: it’s both much worse than that, and also much better than that, if you’d only market your podcast on other media. Read the article in full, and subscribe.

  • Eric Nuzum has written about the power of three, and how we use it to promote podcasts.

  • Nick Hilton
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