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Deepfake Porn, "Real" Female Arousal, MMF Threesome Gone Wrong, First Dates


Is your penis long enough to visibly push out a female partner's abdominal wall during PIV sex? Mine is. And so is the one in the video we discuss today. It's impressive. In younger years, I had a friend who called this move "The Alien" -- for obvious reasons.

He had another sexual operation he called "The Cycle." That was when you and your partner had oral, anal and vaginal sex all in the same session. And, importantly, you had to repeat one of the acts, therefore requiring something to come after the anal sex. Add them together, and you arrive at the fairly famous "Cycle With Alien."

Deepfake technology is improving, and it's now fairly easy to find what appears to be porn featuring your favorite celebrity. How long until human porn stars are no longer even required? How long until you can have a computer render a porn scene to your taste on demand? It's no the Holodeck, but it's close.

And, yet another man is disappointed after an MMF threesome adventure. Will they ever learn?

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 2022-10-20  1h5m