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The Voice of Intuition Podcast is about the practical aspects of Intuition and how it guides you towards your very best life. You will get tips and tricks about why connecting with your intuition is so important. Plus how you can strengthen that bond in practical, everyday ways. There will be resources for you, such as meditations, intuitive readings, and flower readings. Plus you will be hearing from other spiritual professionals about how their intuition guided them to where they are now. The host Susan Jane, the Intuitist, is a published author, inspirational speaker, Intuitive Life Coach, and a multi-international business award winner who loves to share a few laughs and plenty of relevant stories while interviewing her guest. Well, more of a chat over coffee with a friend than an actual interview. Reflecting on her 40-plus years of understanding spirituality, Susan Jane will also take you through an intuitive perspective of her life experiences and what she did to get through them. This includes understanding her 20 yr emotionally abusive relationship, a near-death experience, and a violent sex attack that left her for dead in a gutter...


episode 44: Replay 1.44 Darlene & Susan talk Self-Knowledge. The Starting Point for Change.

1.44 Darlene & Susan talk Self-Knowledge. The Starting Point for Change. Darlene has been spiritual her whole life. As a young girl she could feel things before they happened but as time went the opinions of other created enough fear to shut that part of her. Darlene always had a sense of the things people did not say and this has served her greatly over the years. However in her 30`s an event created such a strong feeling in her that she knew there was something more to life. Thus began her serious thirst for Self-Knowledge.

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 March 22, 2022  34m