CleftCast is a podcast dedicated to helping and informing the cleft and craniofacial community through real-life stories and information.


"CleftCast" - Look In The Mirror And Smile

At times, it is extremely difficult for people with facial differences to look in a mirror. Something as simple as that, to many people, might seem so ridiculous in regard to being filled with shame and guilt about one's looks. Yet it can happen. Seeing the beauty within yourself, no matter how your face or even body looks, is one of the great challenges for children and adults who deal with cleft, craniofacial and/or facial diffferences on a daily basis. In this "CleftCast" podcast, host Joe Rutland talks about looking in the mirror at himself, what emotions arise at times, and offers a couple of suggestions that can get all of us toward the goal of smiling more and loving ourselves in the midst of anger, sadness, fear and guilt.


 2016-07-25  31m