CleftCast is a podcast dedicated to helping and informing the cleft and craniofacial community through real-life stories and information.


"CleftCast" -- Keep On Smiling And Enjoy Your Life

When facing uphill battles or struggles in the facial difference community, the adage of "keep on smiling" might feel heavy ... and, at times, it is. It does not have to be that way, though. For all of us, life provides tests of strength and weakness. We can either steadfastly hold our heads up high during the strong moments, or turn into a victim in those weak states. In this "CleftCast" podcast, host Joe Rutland talks about the empowering way that keeping on smiling -- even when the chips are down -- can actually prove beneficial. This is not some woo-woo or too-fancy idea. Smiling is something that, because of our facial differences, that some might have trouble doing out of shame, fear, guilt or another emotion. Our smiles are what keep us balanced and in touch with the pulse of life.


 2016-05-23  17m