Float Podcast

Welcome to The Float Podcast, An Entrepreneurial Journey. Your host is Nick Janicki; Once a wide eyed hippie with purple dreadlocks and now the founder of the True REST Float Spa, the fastest growing floating franchisor in the world and CEO of Float Pod Technologies, the industry leader in Float Pods. Follow Nick along in his Entrepreneurial Journey with what will become the net Billion dollar industry to enter the Health and Wellness sector. Nick will connect with world-class athletes, actors, musicians, doctors, industry experts, and explore the mindsets of powerful entrepreneurs.



Sound Healing, Crystal Bowls and Floating

Ronee Kipnes sheds her light on floating, sound healing, and everything in-between. Ronee is the owner and co-creator of ANAHATA Yoga, a modern day sanctuary for sound healing. ANAHATA was born from the need for a spiritually based yogic practice with a strong emphasis on healing through sound. Since opening almost a year and a half ago, Ronee has accumulated enough crystal singing bowls for her studio to be officially recognized as a temple. Ronee graduated Kundalini Yoga Teacher training in 2008 at Yoga Phoenix after falling wildly in love with the practice, which catalyzed her journey towards her very own studio. Kundalini Yoga, crystal bowls, mantra, and gongs have had a profound impact on her life and have opened her heart to the idea of sharing the practice with as many individuals as possible.


 2015-10-08  20m