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episode 408: TVD 408: Someone to Watch Over Me

This week, is someone watching over us? The Peripheral on Prime has a variety of different watchers. American Horror Story NYC on Hulu asks the question of what might happen if a scary leather daddy was lurking in the shadows. And The Watcher on Netflix gives us Ryan Murphy's creepy as hell adaptation of a true story of real estate nightmares in New Jersey.

3:09-22:52 TV Diaries
23:33-33:26 The Peripheral (Prime)
33:26-40:00 American Horror NYC (Hulu)
40:00-52:00 The Watcher (Netflix)
52:32- Star Trek Lower Decks (Paramount+)

Les chats with Chris Coy (The Peripheral) in 2018:

Les chats with Jasmin Savoy Brown (Scream 2022) in 2019:

Les chats with Louis Hertham (The Peripheral) in 2018:



 2022-10-30  1h4m