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Welcome to Dream Away Stories - Bedtime Stories For Kids! Every Tuesday we post an amazing bedtime story that centers around our friend Alex and his best friend PizzaPizza (his dog). Together we go on amazing kids friendly adventures all over the world and it is the perfect kids podcast for any occasion. This podcast for kids is suitable for any age, it is fun, engaging and most important CLEAN entertainment that aims to empower kids to dream bigger! The best way to support this bedtime stories for kids podcast is to simply hit subscribe, leave a review, and simply share this story time podcast and its episodes with all of your friends and family.❤️ - Mike



Alex & The House of Slime: Where did all the slime go? (Part 1)

Alex is at home and he is looking for his slime! Where did it go? It cannot just all be gone? Who took it? Alex has no idea the amazing adventure that waits!

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Welcome to Dream Away - Bedtime Stories For Kids! In this kids podcast, we go on fun, creative and clean bedtime stories adventures that your kids love! Every week I produce 1 kids bedtime stories that is published on Tuesday. I would love it if you hit subscribe to this bed time stories for kids podcast and if your kids love it - please do leave a review as this helps the bedtime stories for kids podcast out a tremendous amount!

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 2022-11-01  7m