LIW The Twilight Zone Review

Comedian Phoenix West, Frank Linkz & Adam Wilcox review every episode of The Twilight Zone. This show is stand-up meets review show. Sobriety not guaranteed.


episode 11: 21: Mirror Image (TZ 121)

In this episode, Phoenix is once again bothered by the basic premise of the episode itself. Don't get it wrong, it's a good episode, but when it states that the mirror image person is there to replace you, it has to then replace you. It doesn't do that. It just is also there. No replacing at all. Nonsense. Anyway, this episode features a female character that doesn't cook or clean or any of that stereotypical nonsense. Instead, she's a business woman with a head on her shoulders and all that other female stereotypical nonsense. She's not type A. She's type B.


 2016-08-22  23m