LIW The Twilight Zone Review

Comedian Phoenix West and Frank Linkz review every episode of The Twilight Zone. This show is stand-up meets review show. Sobriety not guaranteed.


episode 4: 4: The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine (TZ 104)

The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine is what Phoenix calls a vagina.In this episode, Phoenix discusses how he wants a masturbation station like the one the main character in this episode of TZ had. At least it looked like she had one. Either way it looked sweet. This was a sober episode for Phoenix but he can't remember words to save his life. Perhaps he should become a recluse and dream of a better life in the past. It seemed to work for the main character in this episode of The Twilight Zone. Go to to buy $5 digital copies of Phoenix's books. Or go to Amazon and search for Phoenix West in the Kindle section. They are cheap and awesome. Just like Phoenix.www.loiteringinwonderland.comCheck out the other shows on the LIW network on iTunes, YouTube and Stitcher!


 2015-06-24  26m