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483: Chris Is Done With Raspberry Pi

We surprise each other with three different topics, and Chris has a big update on the ODROID H3+.

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  • The Steam Linux Beta Begins…
  • Steam Linux Use Tips Up In October Thanks To The Steam Deck — The growth of Steam Deck adoption also now bumps AMD's CPU marketshare among Steam on Linux gamers to 56% against Intel, an increase in October alone of +4.37%.
  • GitHub Issue: Geocatching details on site
  • ODROID-H3+ – ODROID — Great compatibility, a brand new x86 64-bit single board computer with large memory capacity and advanced IO ports.
  • ODROID-H3 Case Type 2 – ODROID
  • ODROID-H3 Case Type 3 – ODROID
  • plex -
  • Jellyfin intro-skipper Plugin
  • Tuxies Board Room
  • Ubuntu Summit 2022 — An opportunity for the broader Ubuntu community to learn and speak about the amazing work and success stories happening in the ecosystem.
  • How to Revert the Last Git Commit | Linode
  • What happened to signal-desktop? - — This is due to a DMCA takedown request coming from people representing Signal. Canonical is currently working with Signal to resolve this issue.
  • “signal-desktop” not found · Issue #70 · snapcrafters/signal-desktop
  • Install signal-desktop on Linux | Snap Store
  • Godot Engine — Free and open source 2D and 3D game engine.
  • Godot’s Graduation: Godot moves to a new Foundation — Software Freedom Conservancy and the Godot leadership are excited to share their decision that the Godot project has reached a level of success for which it makes sense for Godot to have its own independent foundation.
  • Announcing Godot’s Graduation from SFC!
  • I will try my best to explain why the upcoming @godotengine foundation can’t offer Console ports.
  • Open source game development advances with Godot Engine 3.5 out now
  • The next big step: Godot 4.0 reaches Beta
  • Godot: Exporting for Linux
  • Mastodon gained 70,000 users after Musk’s Twitter takeover. I joined them
  • With Twitter in chaos, Mastodon is on fire | CNN Business
  • How to securely store secrets in BitWarden CLI and load them into your ZSH shell when needed | by Zack Proser | Oct, 2022 | Gruntwork
  • Intel ME-Enabled System Needed For Updating Arc Graphics GSC Firmware — Update: Intel reached out to say firmware updating will work on AMD platforms, but awaiting to hear futher details.
  • Podcasting 2.0 Apps


 2022-11-07  1h33m