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episode 180: Rita Rudner on Life, Comedy, Dogs, and Staying True To Yourself

After leaving home at 15yo for New York City and finding success on Broadway, Rita Rudner turned her sites to comedy and became one of the most successful and hilarious comedians of all time.

My guest, Rita Rudner and I discuss:

  • Rita's memoir, "My Life in Dog Years"
  • Touring with Dennis Miller (including a stop in my hometown at Pine Knob Music Theater)
  • Performing with Tony Bennett at a state fair
  • Leaving home at 15yo for New York City
  • Touring with and upsetting Chita Rivera
  • Performing in Industrial shows
  • Making the decision to leave Broadway and become a stand-up comedian
  • Auditioning for the David Letterman Show
  • Standing firm on not changing her comedy style
  • Jack Benny's influence on Rita and the origins of Rita's unique style of comedy
  • Rita's difficulting getting booked on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
  • Rodney Dangerfield and the 9th Annual Young Comedians Special
  • Her many collaborations with her husband, Martin
  • Vegas: becoming the Queen of Las Vegas and changing her life so she could have a family and still perform comedy
  • Danny Gans
  • HBO's Comic Relief
  • Debby Reynolds and Liza Minnelli
  • The Ask Rita Show
  • Writing for the Oscars with Carrie Fisher and Steve Martin
  • Being the first woman on the dais at the Friar's club
  • and a million more stories!

You're going to love my conversation with Rita Rudner

Our Guest, Rita Rudner

  • Website
  • Twitter
  • Rita's Memoir

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 2022-11-07  58m