The Tone Mob Podcast

The year was 2015. Show host Blake Wyland intended to start a podcast where he took a deep dive with his guests from the guitar world to explain their rigs. What happened was that, but also a whole lot more. The show quickly evolved into discussions about people's lives. Guitars, pedals, amps, etc. are the central hub of the show, but it really is more about the PEOPLE behind all of it. Both the musicians who use the gear, and the folks that create these magical tools of expression. You can expect chats about songwriting, favorite bands, family, loss, addiction, conspiracy theories, philosophy, and most of all....... food. This podcast goes all over the place. Come take a ride.


episode 323: Mr. Robert Keeley!!!

This is a long overdue episode! I am bringing back one of my favorite people, Bob Keeley himself.

When Rob agreed to come on the podcast way back in 2015, I was not only flabergasted that he agreed to it, but it was one of the best episodes of this show that has been published.

Rob is back and giving us a much needed update on the state of Keeley Electronics, talking about collaborating with Andy Timmons, elaborating on some overlooked aspects of running a manufacturing business in the US, how Boss inspired him, and a whole lot more!

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 2022-11-07  1h15m